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One of my favorite things to do as a calligrapher are special commissions. These are clients that come to me with a specific quote, verse, or words they would like to be calligraphed. They usually give me the words and we brainstorm together on any other elements that would make this piece come to life.

For this specific piece, my client was given the opportunity to give their niece her middle name. And they chose Rainier after Mt. Rainier. The words they chose to have me write were just beautiful and full of meaning. "You have the name Rainier because you are as constant as the years it has seen, as extraordinary as its snow capped peak, as comforting as its blue shadow, and because I love seeing you over the horizon."

My client really gave me free reign with this piece and decided to watercolor Mt. Rainier in the background of these incredible words. I have enjoyed the time and extra thought that goes into making a special commission such as this one.

Your Miami Calligrapher,

Jacqueline Correa Calligraphy

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