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We were in Nashville on our family travels when my husband spotted this little gem. He surprised me by purchasing it from White's Mercantile in Hillsboro. We stopped in the shop to look at the eclectic home decor and knick knacks.

I have always enjoyed writing, since I was a young girl. The pen in my hand creating beautiful lines on the page. This year I made a decision to make birthday cards for my friends and family instead of purchasing them (that post to come). So Chris thought this would be a perfect gift for my desire for hand-made.

The book gives some great ideas about how to write notes, and what to say. It also gives occasions and reasons for sending someone a handwritten note. Although she mentions there need not be an occasion to send a handwritten note.

Writing a handwritten note gives you opportunities to practice your penmanship in a digital world. Even if you are discouraged by your handwriting and think "No one wants to receive an ugly note from me", you are mistaken. Anyone would be pleased to receive a note written just for them. And it reminds us that just a simple gesture of a handwritten note can brighten someones day.

So take some time to write your friends and family, even if it is short. You have to start somewhere. Maybe you will enjoy it so much you will do it more often, and please purchase this wonderful book, The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd. You won't be disappointed!

Happy Writing,

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