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Hand Lettered Christmas Signs

Hand Lettered Christmas Sign

This year I was asked to help my church (Christ Journey) here in Miami with some of their Christmas decorations. They wanted these wooden stars with the logo of the Christmas message, and they wanted around 40. I jumped at the opportunity to take on this project but was a little nervous that I could create 40 consistent hand lettered signs for them.

So I got to thinking, I didn't quite have a template, and didn't want to use one because part of what I do is hand-lettered and not from a computer. The first thing I thought was I needed to stay within a certain boundary since I couldn't go off the star. And I wanted all my letters to be consistent in width and height.

Hand Lettered Template

So I took a really thick card stock and measured out my space and took an xacto knife and cut out the exact space I needed to write in. Next, I put tick marks where every letter would start and stop. (If you look closely at the picture above you can see where I put each tick mark.) This gave me a boundary for each letter and allowed for great consistency.

That was it! I know it's simple but it sure did save me a lot of time from measuring and marking out each star. I hope this little trick will help you in your future projects!

Happy Hand-Lettering,

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